Berry’s Lesson

13 thoughts on “Berry’s Lesson”

  1. Great chronicle of the challenges you faced. Did you have any idea when you started that day that Berry’s lesson was going to actually be for you regarding extreme patience?


  2. ugh trailer loading problems are the worst. my mare was a solid no-hesitation loader for months and months, and then poof – now she questions it every time. hopefully this is just a blip for Berry tho – a slight regression before a big leap forward in training 🙂

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    1. Yeah, trailer loading problems really are horrible! It was easy to forget that they even existed when they were so good about loading.
      I was hoping the same thing! Maybe once she realizes I’m serious, she’ll be like “Oh ok. Yeah I already know all that!”


    1. I know, right?! She was pulling out all the shenanigans. Although I rode her last night and she went back to being quiet, normal Berry. Absolutely no shenanigans. I hope the shenanigans are a thing of the past. She’s given up her childhood dreams I think. Shenanigans.


  3. Mine always plays up when there’s somebody watching!! I’m sure they embarrass us deliberately. Well done for sticking with it! Great blog. Have followed and look forward to hearing how your next lesson goes – hopefully much calmer and less train like!


  4. I really like your writing style. I feel like I “get” you. The halter saving face etc. That’s good comedy. But anyway, I have not heard of such a miraculous halter! You must type a complete blog post/product review. I want pictures! 🐴

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    1. Thank you so much! You are making me feel all warm and fuzzy!
      I will definitely post more about the halter. I was actually expecting I could write a post about training Berry to load by using the halter, but then the stinker loaded in less than 30 seconds while still wearing her broken halter! (I should probably get a new halter and stop using the broken one…)
      But I will write a post about the loading halter, because that halter is so amazing!


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