It’s a bit late for New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t really like them anyway, if I want to do something, I need to just get moving and do it now, not wait.

But I do like planning. Nothing like a good plan to get motivated. So here are some things I plan to do, and I will hold myself to them.

1. Take hunter lessons. The last few years I’ve been taking dressage lessons. That’s all well and good, but then I moved, and switched to a trainer that was closer. After a few lessons, I kind of soured out on it. Plus I want to to jump, damnit. I think Berry would be perfect for taking around to some low level hunter things. Additionally, ever year I want to go to the Thoroughbred Celebration Show in Lexington, and I still have yet to do it. The main reason for all this is that I don’t want to show up and look like a fool. I took hunter lessons as a kid, but it’s been years. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing anymore. It’s getting embarrassing to show up places.

thoroughbred mare jumping
My skills(?). I’m not sure. I made it over the jump, so that’s a plus. I think I’m lucky Berry is so honest.
appaloosa mare refusing a jump
And then there’s not so honest. DON’T LOOK AT ME!!

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Chickens: The Ultimate Game of Hide and Seek

I don’t think I’ve talked about it very much, but I have a little flock of chickens. I love chickens. They are so adorable, and they have sweet little personalities, and they are just so darn funny to watch.

I still eat chicken though. They are delicious. Sadly though, the rest of the animal kingdom agrees, and nearly everything wants to eat my chickens. I’ve lost many chickens to predators, from hawks, to foxes, and one time to our greyhound. To be fair to the greyhound, she wasn’t trying to eat it, but thought she was some kind of toy. And after I screamed at her, she hasn’t done anything to them since, and will lay out in the sun with them pecking in the grass around her.

In an effort to protect my chickens, they’ve had a few upgrades. Their coop was upgraded from a simple A-frame to a mansion. Then, when I decided free ranging was too dangerous, I built them an enclosed run.

chicken coop and run
From a few months ago. I know it looks kind of ugly, and this bothers me. The chicken keeping essentials are there, but I’m going to work on aesthetics when it gets warmer. I want to repaint it (I have trouble deciding on colors), and do some landscaping around it.

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Having Horses is Practice for Having Toddlers

I don’t actually have any children. But owning horses is how I imagine toddlers would be. I was out there, prepping the horses for a cold night, while contemplating this..

1. They rarely show gratitude. Movies have been lying to you. Horses don’t really yell, and call out, or really make many noises at all. They do occasionally make noises though. Sometimes Vintage will nicker at me, but only on occasion when she thinks I’m walking down to feed her. It’s less of a “Mommy! I love you!” and more of a “Food is coming to me! I love food!”

I know this because I have to walk through the pasture to get to the barn, and after the initial nicker, they will basically ignore me while rushing to the barn, and then stand impatiently at it, shooting me dirty looks for making them have to wait. How dare I walk there with my two stubby legs. Can’t I see they are hungry??

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Out With the Old

It could be called spring cleaning, but it’s not the right season. The time has come to get rid of all the junk I no longer like/use/want.

I’m not much of a hoarder of things. I dislike clutter and mess, and therefore dislike anything that adds to that. I don’t like trinkets, or nick-nacks or extras of something I already have. Dave is the complete opposite, and likes to stock up on things, just in case, which is why we have way more batteries than we will ever use, among other random items he likes.

But, there are a few things I end up hoarding. Clothing, shoes, and books. I used to have a huge closet all to myself in which I kept all my clothes and shoes. Then we moved, and I didn’t even unpack all my clothes until we’d been here two years.

The books are a more recent acquisition. I’ve always loved books, but since I lacked shelves at my old place, any books I had were kept at my parent’s house. I don’t think they minded, they are a bit of book hoarders themselves. I really find nothing wrong with hoarding books, after all, that’s why libraries exist. I would like my own personal library.

fantasy library
This, please.

My problem now is that I lack shelves. Currently my bookcases are stuffed to capacity with books. Added to that, some of my books really suck. I don’t mind reviewing really stupid books, but I fail to see why I should keep them on my shelves. It’s time for the purge.

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Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Now that my sweet little Berry is feeling better, I can continue the recap of my trip to Tennessee. We spent a day in Gatlinburg, which is a tourist town in the Smoky Mountains, full of shops and restaurants, and little attractions. Its extremely popular, and the little two lane road leading up to it gets super packed on weekends, holidays and during the summer. The first time I ever went there, it was like 25 degrees, and it was still packed.

I decided to get everyone moving there early, so after shuffling everyone out of the house, we got there right about 9. Apparently this was too early for the masses.

Or maybe now it's a ghost town.
Or maybe now it’s a ghost town.

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