Watching the Snow

Really, I’m just waiting for winter to be over with. Although I’m sure I’m repeating what nearly everyone is thinking. It’s too cold, my arena is frozen, my trainer’s arena is frozen, I missed my last lesson because Dave let out the air in the truck tires (sabotage?!), and then every time I tried to reschedule, … Continue reading Watching the Snow

My First Grid

I’m trying to get in as many lessons as possible before my next show. Even though I still have to get through my three nervous experiences before getting a good experience, I’d like to make the next one as not nervous as possible. Tuesday, was the first of my two lessons this week. But, instead … Continue reading My First Grid

A Great Lesson

After feeling disappointed that I didn’t do better at my show, I had a prep talk with myself. I sternly told myself that I need to put in much more effort, and be braver. At my show, I basically went into potato spaghetti mode, put in no effort, and forgot everything I’ve been working on for … Continue reading A Great Lesson