Berry Requires the Vet

I was planning to do a different post today, about my happy Christmas. But instead, I spend the morning caring for my constipated horse, so I’m going to tell you about that instead.

This story actually starts a few days ago, apparently while we were in Tennessee. We had hired a small neighborhood boy (about 12 years old) to take care of our animals while we were gone. We know the family, they are good people, and they have their own chickens and a dog, so at the very least, we knew they could care for those animals. I figured it wouldn’t be hard for them to care for the horses in addition, but it seems I was wrong.

I gave him one instruction for the horses. Give them water. That was literally all I told him to do. I left a round bale out for the horses, so they had food, and his only task was to make his way down to the barn and fill up the water trough.

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Market Square, Knoxville, Tennessee

Dave and I spent Christmas in Tennessee. It’s about an 8 hour drive down, but we listened to the Harry Potter ebook the whole way down and back. We got through Sorcerer’s Stone, and made it to the third chapter of Chamber of Secrets.  Now we’ll have to make another journey somewhere to listen to the rest of it!

We brought Poffins with us, since she’s such a delicate flower she can’t bear to spend any moment apart from her mommy (aka me). She spent the first day sitting around in various locations at our relative’s house.

Poffins sits on the back of the couch. She needs to be at the highest altitude possible to watch for predators.
Poffins sits on the back of the couch. She needs to be at the highest altitude possible to watch for predators.

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Mission: Force Old Person to Finally Use a Cell Phone

I have a wonderful neighbor. I would go as far as to say she’s the perfect neighbor. She’s friendly, kind, has great things to say, and she loves to cook and treat us with what she makes. She’s an awesome person in the community, always volunteering and helping others, and she cares about everyone and everything she meets. She has a gorgeous yard that looks like a park. She fosters rescue animals. This year, at 73 years old, she went sky diving. She’s one of the best people I know, and I’m so honored to know her.

But, she doesn’t have a cell phone. She still just uses her house phone, with an answering machine. She’s constantly moving too. She leads a more active social life than I do, and does the old fashioned thing where she visits people face to face, all the time.

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ELF Makeup Brush Review, or How Could You Do This to Me ELF?!

Yesterday Dave and I were leaving the house, hurrying off somewhere. Since we were in such a rush, I decided to do my makeup in the car. We were less than 300 yards from the house when I realized I forgot my makeup brushes.

“It’s too late! We’ve gone too far!”

We continued on, and our first destination was Wal-Mart to return an item bought in error. I decided to buy some cheap makeup brushes there so I could continue to put on my face.

I found an ELF makeup brush set in one of the aisle displays.


Perfect. A little gift set, right about $10, and as my husband says, I can leave it in the car for the next time I forget my makeup. I told him that this is the first time I’ve ever forgotten my brushes, but he swears that’s not true. I don’t know who to believe.

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Baby Trees!

Back in the spring, I joined the Arbor Day Foundation. I picked trees as my free gift, and then moved on to other things. I didn’t forget about the Arbor Day Foundation, which would have been impossible due to the amount of mail they sent me, but I did forget I had trees on the way.

Then I discovered my mailbox stuffed full with a bag of sticks. It had a picture of a stork and was labeled “Baby Trees”! It was adorable!

The baby trees could only live loose for so long, so Dave and I delayed a full day, and then rushed around to plant the little babies before they died of thirst.

Once they were settled in their spots, I decorated my favorite.

baby Colorado spruce
I shall call him Albert of the Colorado Spruces, first of his name.

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Frozen: How my brain feels after sewing this

My niece is really into Frozen, the Disney movie, so I thought I would surprise her with an adorable little dress of the blondie ice queen. It was a spur of the moment decision I made when I spotted a pattern for the dress. I already have yards of blue satin, so I figured I already had the materials.

$40 later, I discovered I did not have all the materials, but now at least I do. It will be a high quality dress made with these materials. Only the finest for my niece.

glitter tulle satin
I should have just ended by giving her the materials and telling her to use her imagination.

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