Teenage Chickens

8 thoughts on “Teenage Chickens”

    1. Chickens are amazing! They might enjoy inside the condo 😉 I’ve heard of people having house chickens. They make diapers for them and everything… Little too up close and personal for me though!

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  1. All I have is “Itza.” Cause you know. Chichen Itza sounds like Chicken Itza. Hah.
    I’m actually laughing out loud that you have one named Twank, maybe go with the theme of nonsense sounds? Oomph, Brawk, Crick, Splash, and Ouch come to mind. But I’m a huge fan of nonsense names, my future duck will be named Bounce.

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    1. I like where your heads at. My favorites are Oomph and Brawk, and I’m imagining it being said at a scream like “BRAWK!”
      Dave came up with those nonsense names haha. We have another chicken named Twink that looks the same as Twank, so they are like sisters from different mothers. Since we already started that theme, it would be a good idea to stay with it!

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