Goal: Fitness

Being fit is near the top of my goal list. When I was younger, I hated being active. P.E. was my worst and most feared class. I couldn’t understand how people could do 7 minute miles, or actually want to participate in after school activities. They must be crazy! My then boyfriend, now husband introduced … Continue reading Goal: Fitness


I am forever setting goals for myself. I can’t function right if I don’t have a goal. It’s a bad feeling, like standing on a busy city. There’s hustle and bustle around me, people doing things, and rushing to their destinations, and then there’s me, wondering what these important people are doing.  What are they doing … Continue reading Goals


My family all went sailing this weekend. It was a bright, sunny day, gorgeous sailing weather. I decided it was the perfect time to learn how to use my digital DSLR camera. I’ve had it forever, but I don’t do a whole lot with it. In general, I’d like to take more photos, so why … Continue reading Sailing