Berry Has Jumped

This is directed to everyone who said she just had to learn to jump in my last post. Because apparently you were all right. Kudos to you all. On Tuesday I went to my regularly scheduled riding lesson with my usual instructor. I’d just like to put out there that is was incredibly hot. Swelteringly, … Continue reading Berry Has Jumped

OPRC Lesson

I didn’t write about it, but last week’s lesson went well. Berry was a good girl, and we did lots of trot poles, and even some jumps, the highest being a solid green box, with a pole on top, about two feet. It was a really nice ride, and I basked in the bliss of … Continue reading OPRC Lesson

Good Girl, Berry!

Substantially shorter post than usual, but I suppose I have less to complain about when everything goes well! It was raining most of last week, which means I barely got to ride. On Sunday, I took Berry to a ring to school her. The same barn that did my rating also allows OPRC members to … Continue reading Good Girl, Berry!