Treasures from the Parents’ House

On Thanksgiving, I was talking about a course I had taken in college, and decided to look for the course materials. It was like opening a treasure chest.

My old bedroom had been converted into a general use room, making it hard to remember how it looked when I was a teenager living there. But I started going through the boxes in the closet and found all sorts of goodies. Trophies, ribbons, photos, and old yearbooks brought back tons of memories. I found my first pairs of high heeled shoes that I wore ragged. There were lots of paintings and sculptures from years of art classes.

I’m sure my parents would love for me to take it all away from their house. But since I only have two hands, the room was super cold (just the way I remembered it…) and I also don’t have that much of an attention span, I only grabbed a few things.

The Useful: My first ever english saddle pad, still usable, and will add to my continually growing stock.


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Black Friday (since Friday starts on Thursday?)

I had a great day with my family on Thursday. Other than eating a delicious meal, I also tossed some hay around. I mean literal hay, as in what horses eat. And I was wearing my favorite white jeans. They did not survive.

I also wore my knit vest mentioned in my last post. Oh beautiful blanket vest…


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Why I Hate Cruises

Now that winter seems to be arriving, it’s time to think of where else I’d like to be except here. Because I hate winter. It’s cold, it’s wet, and it freezes my water and makes me have to cart individual buckets of water from my laundry room. Clearly it’s time for a vacation so some one else can do that for me.

For some unknown reason, Dave and I keep taking cruises. Granted, we’ve only taken three, but each one has been worse than the last. Each time, I complain bitterly about how much I hate cruises and never want to take one again. And then I end up going on another cruise. I do not understand this phenomenon. In an effort to not allow myself to ever take another cruise, I’ve come up with this list of reasons to hate cruises.

1. You’re basically stuck on a floating hotel.

I'm a pretty strong swimmer, I think I can make it.
I’m a pretty strong swimmer, I think I can make it.

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Hunger Games Review

Spoilers possibly ahead, although if you already read the books, you know it all already.

I saw the third Hunger Games last night. Movies are now starting on Thursday evenings … not even waiting until midnight. We saw an 8:30 showing. I don’t know why they do this, but I definitely prefer it to seeing midnight showings.

I’ve been to enough Harry Potter opening nights to know that the first step to seeing a crazy popular movie is to dress the part. I decided to go with this:

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