Derby Outfit and Trailer Shopping

4 thoughts on “Derby Outfit and Trailer Shopping”

  1. Horse trailers, some are so nice, you can live in one. Some information on the Homesteader brand can be found here:

    I have a customized Royal T 4-horse trailer, two horses side by side but can be adjusted to a slant five. (Have done the slant 5 configuration once, earlier this year.) It has a heater/AC plus a misting system, space to carry gear or horse supplies. It’s a bumper pull; connects well to my Expedition.


    1. Thanks for the link. I had looked at that, I was really hoping for personal reviews.
      Wow, that is a big rig to be a bumper pull. It’s nice to have that many options with it, and it sounds like a cooling system would make a nice ride for the horses!


      1. We’re headed for a horse show in a couple of weeks. I’ll keep my eyes open for anyone with a Homesteader.

        When I did my first pull with our Royal T trailer, loaded with four horses, it was much easier than expected. The engine and transmission didn’t strain at all. Granted the engine and transmission is the same size Ford puts in its Super Duty truck. The horses love the cooling system, especially on hot days.

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