The Ongoing Saga of Crazy Mare

8 thoughts on “The Ongoing Saga of Crazy Mare”

  1. I think that it’s normal to have that moment of panic when your horse does something out of character. I was like that the first time Tucker bucked (with me). He’s done it a handful of time since a result of something. It is so not who he is. Regardless of her tantrum it sounds like you had a productive lesson.


    1. Yeah I think you are right – it was just such a freaky moment! It’s not her either, and I’m hoping it will never happen again.
      Lesson ended up very productive!


  2. definitely sounds like it was a little dicey for a moment there – but glad you were able to settle her and get her re-focused. i like your takeaways too – esp the bit about not getting upset when she’s fussy with her head. i really struggle with that too and always have to remind myself ‘leg first!’


    1. I’m hoping I’ll get better with it! It felt so weird when she was telling me to do it, because I was sure she was going to sprint forward, but it worked out perfect haha


  3. The “Homesteader” horse trailer you have your eye on, unfortunately I didn’t see any. Saw every other trailer line, and a few custom builds made from scratch. We’ll be away for a set of three consecutive horse shows, so hopefully I’ll see a Homesteader.

    Sorry, my horse riding advice is rather limited. My daughters are the ‘professionals’ in that respect, but I would say listen to your trainer and do your homework. And, ride a lot.


  4. Keep working at it! I too have a mare that can be difficult, her instinct when scared is at times to rear. Rearing is the most irritating habit, Luckily my Mare does not do it often. One of the exercises that helped my mare with connection, which, to give you some background: she was is very sensitive to rein use, and my weight distribution on her back. I spent a good 2 months just at a 20 meter circle working on spiral-in, spiral-out and working on rhythm control by trotting and bringing her almost to the walk then sending her forward. Then once comfortable at that expand your circle to an egg shape, an important point is to not put my horse on a straight away as she would lose connection. Once more securely connected then try working on long sides. I also found that I was unintentionally changing my pelvic and upper body position that altered to a inaccurate position making my body weight differ than where it should have been. This helped myself and it seems your mare and mine shared some similarities. Keep working with you trainer and it will come together. Great Post hope it works out for you!


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