Old People’s Riding Club

5 thoughts on “Old People’s Riding Club”

  1. I’ve never heard of the Old People’s Riding Club, that sounds awesome!! And pretty sure I’ve forgotten all the anatomy I used to have memorized except for “legs” and “tail.” But yeah, that picture is ART people, get some perspective. Gosh.


    1. It certainly is art! It evokes such emotion of some kind!!
      Yeah, I’m really excited about Old people riding club. They offer discounted lessons and stuff, not sure exactly what yet haha. There’s actually another riding club based out of Loudoun that is also pretty neat, and I’ll probably rejoin them next year. They even have a week long adult riding camp!

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  2. haha congrats on the rating! that actually sounds like something i’d like to do – except, um the testing environment sounds so stressful lol. i was never quite pony club material 😉

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    1. haha yeah its funny how something so simple can just disappear when asked under pressure. Hopefully the whole club experience will be so good that it will make up for panicky testing!


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