Memory Monday – The Ranch: Horse Camp

9 thoughts on “Memory Monday – The Ranch: Horse Camp”

  1. I’ve thought about doing something like this myself but too many people from my past read my blog. :/ haha. I am debating how sane you were at that age. 😉 It is funny what we tolerated back then versus now.


  2. lol that sounds like…. an adventure haha. also i had heard of people ‘blowing in the horse’s nose’ and tried it once as a kid. and the damn thing nearly bit my face off. #notworthit


  3. I know you were 13, but I really don’t understand why you wanted to go back to this place. Especially if the horses were so pissy. When we had biters, we used insanely tight flash bands. A muzzle would have indicated a problem. A flash band just looked like a piece of tack. I look forward to hearing the rest of this story.


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