Berry’s Accomplishments

6 thoughts on “Berry’s Accomplishments”

  1. aww i wish you had pics too!! tho the clip pics kinda make up for it 🙂 anyway false bravado is pretty much my best friend ever – glad it’s working for you and Berry over fences!! sounds like she’s trucking right along!


  2. What a good Berry!

    In California, at least, they clip on the track. Murray came to us in his 2-year old year fully clipped — body, head, legs, ears, nostrils, boy bits…. I cannot imagine the drugs, twitch, and manhandling that were probably required to get that done!! However, that does not decrease Berry’s goodness for tolerating her first clip!


    1. oh dear! they must have really wanted that hair off him!
      It wouldn’t surprise me if they did train her to clip – i think her race owners took really good care of her. All the better for me! haha


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