Old Style Horse Jumping

11 thoughts on “Old Style Horse Jumping”

  1. inneresting!! i guess some of the shift in philosophy could have been reliant on the purpose. for instance, my last trainer was very fond of saying that she would rather me be left behind than jump ahead for safety reasons (lawn darting and such). so the military riders (who were probably less concerned with looking good in pictures vs actually safely doing whatever it is they were doing) might have preferred the back seat bc riders were less likely to become unbalanced or fall off?


    1. I don’t know, but it makes sense to think of it that way. I wonder if due to their style, the horses refused more, making for a much more defensive rider? I’m going to have to look more into it.


  2. The horses might not look happy, but they certainly accomplished a lot. Those guys jumped huge jumps without making it seem like a big deal. And horses back then tended to stay sound a lot longer so they were doing something right. I am not claiming the whole yanking on the horses head over the jump was right, it wasn’t, but something they were doing was.


    1. I hadn’t heard that they stayed sound longer, or lasted longer in any capacity. I always thought they just shot the ones that didn’t hold up, or they ended up being broken down cart horses, like in Black Beauty.


  3. If you can find some of the old Vladimir Littauer (sp?) books, they’ve got some good history on the development of the forward seat from the old style. I know I have one picked up from a used book store many years ago, and it really is fantastic. The Development of Modern Riding, maybe? It’s out of print, but if you’re interested in the history, it’s a really interesting read, and probably not too expensive to track down.


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