Black Beauty (2015) – An overview

15 thoughts on “Black Beauty (2015) – An overview”

  1. OMG! I’m not sure what I just read but I’m dying. This is hilarious. Also I love that the girls name changes every so often. I kinda want to watch this train wreck now.
    I would definitely watch your movie if you ever film one.


  2. Thank you for saving me. . . from having to watch this ridiculous film. I LOLd (yes, outloud) a few times. The purple fence, the horse afraid of the sun, the city warehouse. It’s just all too weird. Oh my! How did you ever find this movie?


  3. This was absolutely hilarious. Laughing out loud @ the horse afraid of sunlight (totally logical…happens all the time..) and the 10000 names you gave that poor unfortunate child. I think I need to watch this movie with a bottle of wine and follow it with a replay of Maclay finals to remind myself what real life is like.

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