Horse Camp (2014) – A movie overview

8 thoughts on “Horse Camp (2014) – A movie overview”

  1. I worked at camps and we did have 16 yr olds as campers. Not 17 though – they’d have been counselors in training. I also worked at a different camp where even the 14 yr olds were CITs so I think it just depends on the camp. And yes, you do need to start going as a little kid in order to fit in when you’re older. By the time they’re 16, all of the kids would have been to the camp together for years. It’s a weird society.

    Also, riding camps generally DO have crazy, barely-trained horses. Most good horses have permanent homes. Some of the best camps will winter over their stock and keep on good horses, but most get a new batch in from a vendor for the summer. The one place we got our horses from would winter over the horses that were requested back and send the rest to auction. It’s actually why fall is a great time to buy cheap, broke horses. Excess camp and dude ranch stock all go to auction then. We once had a horse come back from winter without an ear. They don’t check on them over the winter, so he just showed up in the spring missing an ear. The new horses purchased from auction to add to the stock in the spring are sometimes crazy. I was once sent a horse that had only ever been driving trained to be a summer camp riding horse. I was once sent a 2 year old. The amount of crazy I have received could go on and on.


    1. very interesting! Have you written a post about this? Cause if you haven’t, you should!
      That is strange about starting early. I really would have never guessed it happened like that, but it makes sense that the campers would come back if they were enjoying it. Just seems like there would always be new people coming through.
      I bet the early weeks of camp had some exciting riding days! I suppose it makes economical sense, but wow, that is so crazy they would downsize so much!


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