A Horse Show for Berry

15 thoughts on “A Horse Show for Berry”

  1. I am not a hunter, but I follow a lot of hunter blogs, and all of the divisions are very confusing! You two look really good! I have a Brisk addiction too, I have to be very careful of their half and half tea.


    1. Thank you!! Even though I read the division descriptions, I just can’t get it. They all sound exactly the same!
      I have some brisk half and half with me right now. I’m mildly ashamed, but the 7-11 near me has 2 1-liters for $2, so I go there and load up on it… The makers must put something in it to make it so addictive.


  2. Not Zoning Out is hard. Really hard. And you are like, the first person EVER who has enjoyed their time in the warmup ring. For that alone you should get a big shiny ribbon!


    1. It is super hard!! I can’t believe its so hard to actually concentrate!
      haha yeah I don’t know what’s wrong with me. When my trainer told me warm up was over, I was actually sad!


  3. Courtney, you did good.

    First of all, riding indoors is not the easiest since you have to watch out on footing (especially in corners), then making sure you have good vision (lighting) to get you through the course. Ride a few more shows, your nerves will settle. But, if treat a competition session like a training session, it’ll make it easier for yourself. Lastly, don’t worry about the other competitors and focus on yourself, and listen to your trainer.

    Courtney, you did good.


  4. ha excellent show recap!!! congrats on that satin too – i think you guys look great! i also kinda love the way Berry takes a good hard look at each fence right before takeoff lol. she’s a thinker and she’ll figure it out 🙂


    1. We will get there eventually, it’s mainly me falling short. At my last lesson, one of my trainers told me she was super proud of Berry for being so awesome and happy cause she helped train her – and then wondering who on earth trained the rider haha


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