OPRC – Day 2

22 thoughts on “OPRC – Day 2”

    1. She said it was a ported snaffle, and the brand was a double initial, although I’m having trouble remembering it. SS, or HH, or KK or something. She specifically said she brought it to show people that day… just felt really strange.

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  1. I thought I knew who the judge was based on the bit comment until you posted about a ported snaffle…I know a lady in your neck of the woods that developed a bit herself and she’s a bit…odd…so these things would make sense with her opinions on things…hahaha

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      1. I actually don’t know her name and it’s driving me crazy! I need to get a hold of my dressage test for the sole purpose of seeing her name. I will report back when I know, and we can possibly gossip and giggle about it.


  2. This is a very bizarre judge comment. Also, the whole “they do it at the spanish riding school” is a weird comment. They also do levade there, but I don’t think you need to do it in a hunter ring.


  3. Congrats on a good outing and the new helmet–I also got a oneK recently and love it. The judges comments seem very strange; I’ve never seen a judge comment like that other than a dressage judge perhaps suggesting trying a different but if the horse was unhappy, but there you specifically get written comments, not a sales pitch for a bit that is not dressage legal. Also the 3-3 posting/sitting is super bizarre in a Pleasure class. I’ve only ever seen it done 2sit/2rise, as a schooling exercise. WHY would you ask a Pleasure class for it? It’s not like Eq where sometimes riders are tested.


    1. Yay for oneK’s!
      Yeah I was thinking it was really strange! I didn’t even realize that bit wasn’t dressage legal, so that creates further questions! Agree on the eq too… the whole thing is causing me to question what she was thinking. I think I need to ask some follow up questions to the club.


  4. love the helmet – soooo snazzy! i want a navy one k so badly (to add to my black suede one k and gray one k skull cap… maybe i have a problem? lolz). also, ditto what everyone else said about that judge. sounds like an odd duck and i wouldn’t think too much about it. if anything really resonated, maybe bring it up with your trainer or another trusted professional… but otherwise? ehhh ignore


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