Having Horses is Practice for Having Toddlers

4 thoughts on “Having Horses is Practice for Having Toddlers”

  1. I like your sense of humor, Courtney. I am a parent, and one thing I learned from our kids is that they mirror back my behaviors more than I ever wanted to know. Maybe it’s the same with horses.
    I loved your description of Pony pretending he doesn’t know what backup means. And I so agree with you about hay. If they think it is so precious, why do they also waste so much of it? Did you happen to read about my slow feeder boxes I just built. They seem to be working well for us.
    I’m sending love to your horses from Wintervale and our horses! Here’s to them picking up on only our best behaviors!

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    1. Thank you so much! Maybe they do pick up their owner’s behaviors, they certainly seem to have a sense of humor!
      I hadn’t seen the slow feeder boxes, but I will check them out. That does sound like a good solution to their wastefulness!


  2. I laughed out loud at this! We used to call my gelding a “juvenile delinquent” because he would just look for shenanigans to get into. I’ve never been bored around horses, that’s for sure!

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