Berry Requires the Vet

6 thoughts on “Berry Requires the Vet”

  1. I think you should talk to the boy’s mom. Once you’ve gotten past this for a few days. If you never say anything, the kid loses out on the chance to have his character formed. What he did was not okay and could have had more disastrous consequences. Not to guilt the boy, but as a learning experience. Animals are fragile, we need to look out for them. They’re depending on us. Following through on one’s commitment, etc. Just my 2 cents. Glad Berry’s okay now!

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    1. You’re right I should talk to her. I’m so glad it’s not worse, and he does need to learn. Now I wish she wasn’t my neighbor. If it had been someone I had hired, I would have been complaining like crazy!


  2. I agree with the above the boy should be spoken too That poor animal that could have really been a serious situation. We need to protect our animal they can not speak for themselves Thank goodness Berry is okay such a beautiful horse!
    Neighbor or not very unfair to Berry and you. Just so thankful your baby is fine! Happy New Year!

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    1. Yes it definitely could have been much worse. I’m cringing to think what would have happened if we had been on vacation a bit longer. I think I will talk to them, thank you! Happy New Year to you too!


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