Mid-1800’s Book Reviews

8 thoughts on “Mid-1800’s Book Reviews”

  1. Boo for bad books! I was reading the Game of Throne series, and am now half way through book three. They are decently written, but I am becoming more and more bitter about how the author depicts and treats women. I don’t know if I will keep going after I finish this one.


    1. That’s disappointing 😦 I started reading the series but got distracted by another book in the middle of the second one. Now I’m wondering if I should finish reading them… you’ve made me a bit curious!


  2. ha so while i was snowed in from the storm i sorta fell down the rabbit hole of watching everest documentaries on youtube, followed by K2 documentaries… the suffering on those mountains yo, it’s real!


  3. I love Into Thin Air. It’s such a great book. If you want to read a good fiction book set in the American 1800s, you might like The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd. I read it in my book club and it was really very good. Although it’s not about climbing mountains, a book in the similar theme of Bad Things Happen in the Outdoors and People Rise to the Challenge is The Last Season by Eric Blehm. Everyone I have convinced to read this book loves it.


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