My First Grid

11 thoughts on “My First Grid”

  1. I love grids. You just point and shoot and you can really work on your own form as your horse goes over the jumps. It also helps your horse figure out how to manage their own feet.

    How does your white chicken stay that white? We used to have one and it always looked like dirt.


    1. Hopefully it will help Berry with her feet. She’s kind of klutzy haha.
      To keep your chickens their whitest, use one teaspoon of oxyclean in a gallon of water, apply liberally and then rinse after about 20 minutes. Chicken sleezy’s during the day, and if your chicken is a low rooster, at night too.
      But actually, I have no idea. She’s just a lady like that. She’s almost never dirty.


  2. omg Fluffers!!!! sometimes i feel that way when i accidentally drop crumbs down the front of my shirt…. tmi? oh well…

    anyways tho… yay grids!!!! my trainer *loves* them to the point where i’ve had no choice but to love them almost as well myself. and the difference they’ve made in my horse is undeniable – she definitely understands way better now how to find the fence, and how to rock back and push from her hind end. sounds like Berry enjoyed it too!!


    1. haha it happens to all us ladies/hens!
      I’m hoping I will learn to love them! Right now it just feels like I’m clinging on a roller coaster coming off its tracks. It did seem like Berry liked it, once she figured it out!


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