The Horse Show Waiting

8 thoughts on “The Horse Show Waiting”

  1. um that sounds prettttty miserable. ‘hurry up and wait’ is maybe my least favorite thing ever. hey tho, at least it’s still miles for the green bean?


    1. it was still good for her I think! She isn’t quite a statue like some of the other waiters, but I bet she’ll get there. Or she’ll just amuse herself digging in the dirt with her lip… not sure why that seems to interest her so much.


  2. That sucks. Yuck yuck yuck. It’s been insane cold down here…or super wet. One or the other. I have no idea how people are riding in outdoors much less jumping a few hours away where you are.


    1. It’s been pretty awful around here, I haven’t used my own arena in forever. My trainer treats her arena with a magical chemical to keep it from freezing, but I can’t afford that kind of expense


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