My Daily Horse Care Routine

12 thoughts on “My Daily Horse Care Routine”

  1. Greetings from LA, I envy your life like you can’t imagine! Your routine sounds perfect and sweet. My horse is at a boarding favility and I had to hunt high and low just to find one with a paddock bigger than 12×24 feet!!!!! Its about 60×60 – a pony mansion in LA. I drive 30 min there and back to ride 5-6 days a week, so daily I pick his feet, groom, and ride and make sure the guys are keeping his water clean and free choice hay feeder full. Actually you may be interested in this! My friend and nutrition mentor just patented an amazing big slow hay feeder that pretty much eliminates waste. You could limit that allergy attack to every few days!! 🙂


  2. horsie noises are best noises! our routine at the barn is a bit different bc we have ~30 horses split between 4-5 herds (depending) so feeding can take up to 2hrs. but similar to you, everyone comes in for their meals and blanket changes, then they go right back out again unless it’s extreme weather. we use round bales (netted and in feeders), and stalls get picked, water buckets and troughs cleaned/filled, and aisles swept.


  3. We used to do self-care and have to clean stalls every day. Now we just have to feed grain every day. And even that can be skipped if we absolutely have to. I don’t mind the work of it, I just mind the getting up early in the morning part. 4:30 am is absolutely not going to happen.

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  4. I love the sound of hay munching! My routine is much more varried and since they are on turnout with a run in occasionally I don’t get there at all (someone caretakes the farm and will always have an eye on them). I am not a 4:30am person! Kudos to you! I agree- better than TV time…


  5. Yeah…I set a round bale out every two/three days recently, but that has been with five full sized horses eating it. Copper is now in the “donkey field” getting 3 hay bags stuffed to the gills so I may start portioning out the mares’ hay to make it last longer. They’re all obese anyway…


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