All My Equines Accomplished Things

9 thoughts on “All My Equines Accomplished Things”

  1. LOL! It is true, Vintage MUST love living with you.

    Did the pony boy cry his pony tears? Because that was my favourite part of the pony boy’s story last time.

    Speaking of teaching young horses to jump, we did this thing with Murray (that really only works out for verticals 2′ and below without tangle-able filler) where if he refused anything he just had to walk over it. It was like “oh, you’re scared of this thing? well, we’re going over!” It actually helped ME a lot, as it forced me to commit to, well, everything (“oh your horse doesn’t really want to jump that thing? well you’re going over!”) and to really understand that my horse can jump things that are reasonably sizeable from essentially a stand-still. I don’t know if it’s really a thing that is recommended (a few clinicians expressed surprised when I did this in front of them), but it really worked for Murray and me. I don’t even know if it’s applicable to you and the Berry, but your Christmas-y filler reminded me of this, because we had to walk over Christmas themed jumps A LOT our first year.


  2. If you worry about clearing jumps, Berry is picking up on your worries. Pony Man, it may be okay for him to see the world with other ponies, provided you get to visit him plenty.


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