TRM BlogHop: 25 Questions

8 thoughts on “TRM BlogHop: 25 Questions”

    1. He’s quite photogenic during the summer, but during the fall/winter/early spring he’s a tiny wooly mammoth.
      What a lovely dream! Think about it made me go into a daze at work….


  1. Spurs or whips – my daughters wear spurs but they don’t use. More of a fashion statement in that regard. Whips, never carry, always end up dropping them. But, they have them to use as a back scratcher since they have tall horses.

    English or western – they have both. They use western for trail rides since we’re in the “west”. 🙂

    Leather or synthetic – always leather. Bridles, leather (preferably black, but have brown ones). Saddles, leather (both black and brown). My girls like to color coordinate.

    O/T: I read your post about your Pony man. I’m sure you impressed Pony with the make-up and your outfit. 🙂


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