Relationship Talk with Berry

5 thoughts on “Relationship Talk with Berry”

  1. lol your trainer sounds tough! still sounds like an awesome lesson tho. one of the first real big jump lessons i did with my mare involved a lot of crashing and stopping and pilot error too… i think it’s just part of the process of settling into a training program. anyway i LOVE the idea of ‘riding like you can’t fall’ – glad it worked for you!


    1. haha It’s a process, but I’m excited! I really feel like this was a big step for me and Berry. I like that my trainer is pushing me outside my comfort zone.


  2. What a great lesson. Sounds like you have a good trainer. Keeping them elevated right to the base of a jump can be a hard thing to learn/make yourself do. I still get yelled at for it every now and then.


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