Analyzing the Berry

10 thoughts on “Analyzing the Berry”

  1. Tucker tries to do that too. I think it’s him being lazy. What I do to fix it is lift my hands. Not pull just lift. You want their front end up and elevated not stretched out. It’ll be easier for them to jump and give a nicer jump. Also you’ll knock less rails once the height get raised. I’m not that great at explaining things. You should definitely talk to your coach about it.


  2. Oh no about the arena washing out! 😦 I would’ve shaken my fist at the sky after all the time you’ve spent on it. Berry’s jumping looks like Copper’s jumping. He knows he doesn’t have to put forth the effort to get over it, so he doesn’t. (Not that we jump often…or have in the last few years, but that was how he did when he was young. I find lessons super helpful.


    1. Berry is such a good trier, I want to do well for her.I definitely need the lessons haha. I feel like if I look back through pictures I can tell immediately if I’ve been in a lesson program or not… it doesn’t take much for me to look like Gumby on a horse.


  3. boo about the footing 😦 also my friend’s OTTB knocked everything down and jumped like a bozo for the first few months. but as the height got up he improved. we also free-jumped him a little to help him figure out all his body parts. i’d agree with erin about the flattening thing – it’ll be easier for the horse to jump if she can compress and rock back onto her hocks rather than getting so low and heavy in front. she’ll figure it out tho!!


    1. Yeah it was crazy! Although I feel like it could have been worse, some roads were ripped apart near my house, so relatively speaking the arena weathered the storm pretty well!


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