Berry, the Weirdo

12 thoughts on “Berry, the Weirdo”

  1. Really hoping you’ll be feeling better quickly! I’m giggling so hard at your Weirdo Horse. Vinny should be teaching her how to horse better. Vinny is the best at everything (yes, I’m completely obsessed with her, so what?!)

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  2. Sorry for all the rough times.
    Hoping you are recovering. Hugs!

    On another note, tell me about the eggs from a Bantam Cochin. I’m used to the big eggs, and frequency, from large breeds.
    I know cochins lay fewer per week. But a banty cochin – is it next to nothing? Really want to know!


  3. I love the way you are able to make me laugh. I would have freaked out to find one of our horses on the deck! I do relate to that scenario about them as help mowing the lawn. We tried that one time outside the paddock beside the barn and they quickly found mischief we hadn’t considered. In the end, all I got out of the deal was the grass filled with deep hoof impressions everywhere. It went into our “bad idea” file.


    1. That true, it’s easy for me to make fun of her, as I can take in the view everyday, but the poor horse doesn’t get opportunities to look out at the scenery! She has to take advantage when she can!


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