The Saddest Face in the World

10 thoughts on “The Saddest Face in the World”

  1. Holy cow, what an epic project you have underway! I totally sympathize with the situation that you described of getting the fabric rolled out and the stone delivered. And then of course, rain. And one last truck after the call to stop deliveries. Oh boy. Hope you recover your spirit and energy soon and show that arena that you are the boss! One small load at a time, anyway.

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  2. Oh gosh, there is a rooster at my new barn. He is evil. Like, seriously, he refuses to let me get out of my truck. I periodically remind him that I, too, have spurs (although his are unfortunately bigger than mine!).


  3. Your dirt contouring looks perfect if that’s any consolation! Super cool watching this take shape. Sorry about the poor chickens 😦 And I’m sorry that I was giggling so hard at your captions instead of maintaining the proper solemnity.

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  4. sorry for your loss of chickens!! is it bad to admit that i seriously giggled at the ‘it should have been you’ picture tho?? lol… good luck with the stone dust!

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