Inspired Thoughts While on the Bobcat

9 thoughts on “Inspired Thoughts While on the Bobcat”

  1. Courtney, you ROCK! There, I said it. Of course, that opinion may be a result of how much like me you sound. I can totally relate to the type of meditations you describe. And the dumping of dirt on yourself, although I haven’t done that in a bobcat, but with the loader on my tractor. Well, maybe not so much on me, as on the front of the tractor. And not as much with dirt as with snow, but that’s beside the point.
    Your writing describes the way my thinking goes inside my head. You have portrayed my meditations during my tractor time.

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  2. What beautiful deep meditation thoughts. Much introspect. Very think. I want to comment on all the parts of this that made me giggle, but I’ll settle for saying that I am willing to come help out in exchange for daiquiris!


  3. Glad you were meditating and not distracted. But, consider you’ll be a pro at handling a bobcat when you’re done. 🙂

    I saw a Homesteader horse trailer last weekend on the freeway. I don’t think the trailer owner, or the police, would have appreciated me pulling them over to chat about their trailer and ask how they like theirs … that Courtney is interested in buying one. 🙂 I’m sure they would ask, “Who is Courtney?” Probably more colorfully than that. We’re headed to Iowa soon for more horse shows, so I’ll keep my eye out for one.

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