A Dress to Wear to a Wedding

8 thoughts on “A Dress to Wear to a Wedding”

  1. I like it! I think the top part makes it casual enough that the long skirt isn’t overly fancy. And I love the pattern. And I think you should ignore Great Aunt Rhonda (or whatever relation doesn’t like the waist sliver) because I think the waist sliver looks awesome and tasteful and trendy and cool. Not sure I count as fashion police, but I give it the thumbs up!


  2. also not among the card carrying fashion police members, but i think the dress is fine. anyone who wants to be upset about midsection showing should be quieted by the mesh (but really, they should keep their thoughts to themselves anyway haha)


  3. I wouldn’t worry a whole lot about the bride’s opinion. When I was at my wedding I was pretty oblivious to what other people were wearing (minus my friend who arrived dressed identical to the groomsmen on accident hahaha) and at that point I didn’t care all that much, I was just glad it was over. 😉 Can you tell I had a DIY type wedding? lol


  4. I’m not normally a fan of black for weddings, but I think the bottom, and main fabric portion of the dress here, is nicely floral, so it works. I actually love the dress in and of itself.


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