The Insects of New Orleans

12 thoughts on “The Insects of New Orleans”

  1. um so this actually looks awesome! given your impression that it was mostly intended for children, would you recommend to an adult? and, if so, do you recommend any particular # of hurricanes consumed prior to entering this weird little museum for maximum effect? lol


    1. It was pretty awesome, if you like gross bugs, or alligators, which I love to stare at, just a little jarring at first that I entered what seemed to be a daycare center. The precise number of hurricanes is under debate, but if you figure you need one hurricane before entering, and if you can bring them in (I am not sure if they allow it) you can figure that it will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to go through the museum, stopping at every exhibit, and the rate of consumption is 1 drink per hour, you’ll want to maximize your consumption to really get the most out of it, so you’d probably want 1.5 drinks going through, or one really big drink, so the overall consumption could be 2.5 drinks.


      1. Nice!!! You’re going to have a great time. Go on a swamp tour if you have time, that’s one I wish I could have done and other people said it was great.


  2. OMG this makes me want to visit New Orleans even more. Insects are so cool! A couple years ago I took an entomology course and started an insect collection.


    1. oh wow, you’d definitely like it then! I couldn’t get photos of it because the lights would go wonky (related to ghosts maybe?) but they had a huge collection of pinned insects, all placed like they were art. It was stunning!

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