It’s Harder Than It Looks

2 thoughts on “It’s Harder Than It Looks”

  1. I swear trainers are all sadistic people who get off on other people’s pain. Mine giggles when she has us drop our stirrups. Full grown woman, giggling like a child.
    The one thing that made everything slow down and seem more manageable was riding a course like you’re schooling on the flat. The jumps are just 4 strides, the rest is flat work. You’re not approaching a jump, you’re cantering up the quarter line and there happens to be something to hop over. You’re not on a long approach to a diagonal, you’re collecting your canter a bit as you prepare to change directions. Thinking about it as riding a pattern on the flat with a couple obstacles made it much easier for me to take it one step at a time.
    That, and living in half-seat (complete with release) until it becomes muscle memory and you automatically pop into it over the fences . But that makes my muscles sore so I hate that part.
    Give yourself some credit, your trainer wouldn’t be having you do things if she thought you couldn’t handle it!


    1. Yes, they enjoy inflicting that pain upon us 😦
      That explanation does make sense. I’ll have to remember that, and try to simplify it. Also, to take a deep breath.
      I’m doing better with holding two point, but I need to work more on that too. Eventually this will all fall into place and not feel so hard!
      Thank you for the secrets!


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